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Advanced Open Water – Koh Tao, Thailand

10,000 thb

The Advanced Open Water course will take you to the next step in your diving education. You will have mastered the required basic scuba diving skills during the Open Water course and should be feeling more relaxed and confident in the water. The Advanced Open Water course consists of a progression of adventure dives where you get used to different diving scenarios and also extend the depth you are allowed to reach to 30 metres. You will complete 5 dives over a period of 2 or 3 days (depending on which adventure dives you choose). Two of the adventure dives are mandatory, the Deep dive and the Navigation dive. You can then choose the other 3 dives from a selection of Adventure dives that we offer here.

Advanced Open Water Adventure Dives

Deep Dive (Mandatory)

The deep dive takes you to a depth of 30 metres which is the maximum depth for standard recreational diving. During the dive your instructor will conduct experiments which will show the differences in colour and pressure that occur at depth,

Underwater Navigation dive (Mandatory)

The navigation dive will train you how to use a compass and also referance depth and natural markers such as coral or rocks to guide you as you are diving. Training also involves navigating a square pattern, then, with the help of an underwater map you will lead a dive around the site. With everything goin to plan we will surface next to the boat.

Night Dive

The night dive is one of the most popular choices of adventure dive. Experience a different world, navigating the ocean with your dive teams torches. These dives give students the opportunity to see great barracuda hunting, manta rays and crabs.

Wreck Dive

Just off the coast of Sairee Beach is a brilliant wreck within the depth range of the 30 metre limit for Advanced Open Water divers. The deck of the HTMS Sattakut lies at at approximately 25 metres. You won’t be able to penetrate the wreck but can explore the decking and gun turrets. Our Wreck Speciality course gives divers the opportunity to venture inside .

Peak Performance Buoyancy (PPV)

The Peak Performance Buoyancy dive will show you how to streamline your equipment , use the correct number of weights and postion them correctly. As a result your movement through the water will be a lot smoother. Breathing control is also something you will learn more about during as it is the key to enjoying longer dives. A lot of the training on the Peak Performance Buoyancy dive is taught with underwater games, making this dive great fun as well as very educational.

Search and Recovery

Lost a piece of equipment during a dive?. Maybe an SMB Or GoPro camera? The Search and Recovery dive shows students a number of search patterns which are used to locate items underwater, such as the expanding square or U-search. You will also use a lift bag during the dive. A lift bag is utillised when an object is too heavy recover just using a BCD.

Dive Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)

A Dive Propulsion Vehicle is straight out of a James Bond movie! Save air on a dive and also get to travel around a larger area of the dive site. (Dive Propulsion Vehicle rental an additional 1,500thb).

Underwater Photography

Impress your friends at home with amazing underwater photos. Before this dive you will be shown how to use the camera and also be given advice on taking the best shots. Then you get up close and personal with the huge variety of marine life that swims in the waters off Koh Tao.

Underwater Naturalist

Lets go and identify some of the different species of marine life that live in this habitat. In addition you will also learn about the relationship between different organisms and how they interact with each other.Multi Level Computer Divewa
The Multi Level Computer dive allows divers to enjoy longer bottom time and more dives. Deep diving with a single level profile can restrict the amount of bottom time available. Once you have mastered developing a multi-level dive plan, backed up by a dive computer you will be able to utilise available bottom time much more effectively.

Drift Dive

Here on Koh Tao there aren’t suitable currents for drift diving. However we can offer drift diving at our dive school on Koh Lipe.
The cost of the PADI Advanced Open Water course is 9,500 thb, this includes use of scuba equipment, PADI materials and certification.
We offer a free collection from the pier when you arrive.Private rooms and bungalows can also be reserved at Silver Sands resort next to our dive school. Please contact us for any course or accommodation enquiries.
Our staff will be happy to organise and confirm your booking requirements

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