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Divemaster Course – Koh Tao, Thailand

Course 30,000 thb, divemaster crewpack 8,000 thb

What’s Included

  • Unlimited diving during training
  • 50% discount on Sidemount course.
  • Cheap accommodation from 6,500 thb per month
  • Pool parties, snorkel test, amazing atmosphere, great time!

About the Divemaster course

Are you thinking about making the step up to become a professional scuba diver? If the answer is yes, Koh Tao, in the Gulf of Thailand is a fantastic place for divemaster training. Many people wish they have a job that they love and taking people scuba diving is a fantastic example of this. To make the transition from recreational diver to pro diver you need to complete the PADI Divemaster course. Training usually takes 6-8 weeks (although it is possible to complete it more quickly).

Why take your Divemaster course on Koh Tao?

As well as being an extremely rewarding training programme, the DJL Divemaster course is also a great deal of fun. It give students the opportunity to scuba dive Thailands’ beautiful waters with its amazing marine life. Koh Tao is a great island to spend time on, (many people like it so much they end up staying longer than planned). We have a friendly community here, and plenty of activities and socialising which compliment your diving experience.

How do we organise training?

At DJL we have one diving instructor who manages the divemaster training. The instructors’ role is to guide you though the Divemaster course, as you improve diving skills and knowledge to reach a professional standard. They also are available to for a friendly chat if you need to speak to them about anything. It is important for our students to feel relaxed and comfortable during their stay on Koh Tao, and we like to deliver the best experience possible.

What skills do you develop?

As you progress through the Divemaster course you will develop your leadership skills, becoming competent at supervising a variety of activities. These include leading fun divers, conducting scuba reviews and supervising the dive boat. Your Divemaster certification also makes you qualified to assist instructors with student divers. After gaining your Divemaster certification, you can choose to continue on to the Instructor Development Course (IDC) .


What you learn during the Divemaster course

There are 3 main areas of training which enhance your dive leadership skills during the Divemaster course. Underwater, which includes assisting on dive courses and completing skills including swims and snorkeling which take place around Koh Taos’ dive sites. There are also pool sessions, such as skills circuits which take place at our dive school. Classroom consists of the required theory, knowledge reviews and divemaster exam. Independent study includes completing the chapters in the divemaster manual which is then assessed by the supervising diving instructor.

How does Divemaster training improve your diving?

The aim of these teaching methods is to help you become a responsible professional diver. You should have the ability to resolve any problems or issues while improving customers’ diving experiences. We set our standards extremely high and provide excellent training. This is an attitude we like to see our divemaster candidates develop as they progress and gain experience.

“For the last 6 months I have been on this crazy, wonderful island, meeting so many amazing people. I finished not only my divemaster course, but also my Master scuba dive trainer (MSDT instructor). Its been an amazing journey and every day Iā€™m reminded that is was the right decision!” Karina

What’s Next?

So, after a few months of living on Koh Tao and completing the Divemaster course, you have your well deserved Divemaster certification. Obviously this is a time to celebrate and congratulate yourself on the effort you have put in. But what happens next?

Divemaster work on Koh Tao?

If you are keen to gain experience working as a Divemaster on Koh Tao we will try, wherever possible, to offer these opportunites. At DJL we prefer to look at the students who have trained with us when considering offering work. With experience of diving on our boats and a good understanding of how the dive center operates you could be the ideal candidate.

Like the majority of dive centers on Koh Tao and in Thailand, it is a requirement that employees have their own diving equipment. If you bring your own equipment (including BCD and regs) to do the training that’s great. If you are considering renting equipment while you train here, but want to be considered for work afterwards, then it might be worth looking at one of our Divemaster Internship packages. These have a full set of brand new scuba equipment included in the price and contain some additional special offers!

Continuing training and becoming a diving instructor

Many of our students continue to become Diving Instructors after completing their Divemaster training. We are a PADI 5 star Career Development Centre and offer Instructor Development Courses (the PADI IDC) every month here. Again, we are always keen to give employment opportunities to students who complete their training with us. The first step is to complete the IDC which qualifies you as an Open Water Scuba Instructor. In addition we also like our diving instructors to have a Master Scuba Diver Traininer (MSDT) certification. This training can also be completed at our dive centre.

Global diving career opportunities!

The Divemaster certification is the first step on the professional scuba diving ladder. Becoming part of the diving industry can offer some amazing opportunities worldwide as well as in Thailand and Asia. But, as a personal experience, divemaster training also has a great deal of value. Taking an extended break from home to gain a professional diving qualification and living on a tropical island such as Koh Tao is an unforgettable adventure.

Our staff will be happy to organise and confirm your booking requirements

Please note course price does not include the Divemaster application fees ($202 Australian dollars) which are paid directly to PADI.

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