Diving Koh Tao

From whale sharks to clownfish to bull sharks and everything in between. Diving Koh Tao, with its clear turquoise water, is an underwater videographers dream come true! With many protected reefs, DJL Diving can show you wrecks, reefs, walls and crystal blue water all in the same day! These habitats are all packed with marine life of different shapes and sizes. You are free to experience the remarkable marine life almost unconstrained. While you are here, you will see that vibrant reefs filled with colourful life are still the standard when diving Koh Tao. DJL Diving works hard to encourage environmentally-aware diving practices.
The large variety of dive sites around Koh Tao cater for all diving abilities. This is great for beginners who will get to enjoy an amazing experience straight away. Some Open Water students are even lucky enough to see a Whale Shark on their dives. There are wreck dives which are suitable for recreational divers, such as the HTMS Sattakut which lies at 25 metres. More experienced Tec divers have the opportunity to dive the Unicorn wreck which sits at a depth of 55 metres. Some dive sites here are world famous. For example Japanese Gardens which is located next to Koh Nangyuan, just off the coast of Koh Tao.
Whether it is your first time scuba diving or your 100th dive, Koh Taos’ waters will offer an unforgettable diving experience. Our diving instructors and divemasters are happy to explain the nature of a dive site and the marine life you are likely to see during the dive. Their knowlegde of the area also means that they can guide divers to the hiding places of more elusve sea creatures. Our diving instructors enjoy these dives as much as the students. It’s a great feeling showing people around a beautiful dives site, and seeing their reactions to the amazing array of animals that live there.