Underwater Videography Internship

35,000 thb

Duration – 4 weeks, Price – 35,000 thb

How would it feel to capture a students’ first diving exeprience on camera? Then edit it into an amazing underwater video for them?

Dive centres use trained underwater videographers for this, and you can become one too!

At DJL we offer the Underwater Videography Internship as an add on to the Divemaster course or Divemaster Internship, although it can be booked individually if you are already divemaster certified. As well as the videography training it provides, the underwater videography internship is a great way to gain more diving experience. For students who wish to continue on to Diving Instructor training, the underwater videography internship gives the opportunity to study instructors close up underwater while fiming courses being taught.

The first part of the internship consists of underwater videography training. The minimum diving prerequisite for this is Rescue Diver/Divemaster certification.

Over 2 weeks you will learn:

  • How to properly set up equipment.
  • Camera skills, including zoom control, white balance, steady shooting, composition & shot selection, shot duration and creating “winning shots”.
  • How to keep equipment properly maintained.
  • How to edit using the latest Adobe software, cutting/cropping, capturing and transfer, final production edit, adding a professional soundtrack
  • Selling to customers/tourists
  • After the 2 weeks of training are completed you will start your 2 week working internship. You will go out diving with customers, film them and produce a video to sell to them. The minimum diving prerequisite for the working internship is Divemaster certification.
  • For every video sold you will be receive 40% of the sale price. This is a great way of recouping the cost of your training. During the working internship you will be mentored by senior videographers and given feedback about how you are progressing. It is a great way to gain experience without being left to fend for yourself after completing the videography training.

It’s an amazing feeling seeing customers enjoying your video and appreciating the work that you have put into it. These are high quality professional products and a great memento for customers to take home with them.

The Underwater Videograhy Internship add on includes 2 weeks videography training, 2 weeks paid working internship (40% of each video sale). Working with a senior videographer as a mentor. Use of all required videography equipment.

Our staff will be happy to organise and confirm your booking requirements